Ophthalmologists, the driver's

Ophthalmologists, the driver’s test with certificate on vista

(ANSA)-Rome, OCTOBER 4-the examination of the licence you should be presenting a Visual situation certificate issued by the ophthalmologist

They ask ophthalmologists of the Italian society of Ophthalmology Office (SIOL) who will discuss within the framework of their national Congress in Rome on 12 and 13 October.

    In particular, deaths in 2016 as a result of car accidents in the age group between 65 and over 90 years have been a total of 1045 3283 (ACI-ISTAT to 27 July 2017), with a peak between 75 and 90 years (233) 2015, an increase of 8% compared to between 65 and 69 years (215) and 20% among the over 90 (72). And it is a fact that the average age of drivers continues to increase, in relation to the increase in the average life expectancy of men and women and this can pose a safety hazard.

    “In the elderly-explains Danilo Mazzacane, group Secretary Free Outpatient eye doctors-increase the pathologies that may impair the view as diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, maculopathy, stroke with Visual field deficit. Several studies estimate that in Italy the view incidents vary from 20 to 60% (ACI-ISTAT-Bicocca University of Milan) and a motorist on 4 does not make a Visual inspection for over two years. ”    From only 6 years is in effect the Ministerial Decree laying down ‘ minimum requirements ‘ according to European directives for obtaining and renewal of driving licences: assessment of Visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, binocular field of vision examination, vision Twilight, recovery time after glare. It is a measure which provides that the ophthalmologist’s consultant, on request, by a single doctor who normally measures the view at the offices of the ICA.     But the doctor sitting alone, without a certificate of the applicant’s Visual situation done by an ophthalmologist, is limited to “measure the view by reading the candidate the letters on the Board-concludes Maher-and, considering a good visual acuity, can not notice of any other major deficits like the possible limitations of the Visual field, threatening to give the driving ability in people who don’t. ” (ANSA). .   .

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