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Breast cancer on the rise among the young and old women, only 55% of women does mammogram

(Manuela Correra) It is growing among younger women and the over-70 and has fewer cases in the South thanks to healthier lifestyles

Breast cancer remains the first cancer among women, with 50,500 new cases estimated in 2017 and approximately 12,000 deaths a year, but to date only 55% of women which it is offered for free breast screening carries out examination, with a strong North-South divide.     To trace the date picture of this ‘ big killer ‘ in Italy is the Italian Association of medical oncology (Aiom) indicating how you fondatale strengthen the prevention and awareness of breast cancer among Italian women. A survey presented today at a Conference on 1,657 Aiom national women to the Ministry of health shows that 31% of women do not know self-examination, 48% believe that this disease is not curable and 35% does not know that it is preventable. The survey also showed that 57% of Italians has adequate information on the possibility of treating this tumor also at an advanced stage. Today, however, says President Aiom Carmine Pinto, “we have effective weapons that allow us to control the disease even at this stage and have recently been approved in Europe, a new class of drugs that intervene in slowing the Breast tumor progression in metastatic stage, inhibiting two proteins called cyclin-dependent “. The good news, points out, is that increases survival: a 5 years after diagnosis in our country reaches 87% and is higher than the European average (82%). And in 10 years, 80% of Italian patients is alive.

In 25 years, from 1989 to 2014, this cancer mortality has decreased by about 30%, emphasizes fundamental and Stefania Gori, President-elect Aiom “is precisely the prevention, starting from the self-examination, that the woman may perform alone at home”.

In short, the picture is improving but remains an enormous gap between the regions: “in the South there was a 23% fewer breast cancers than in the North,” explains Lucy Ma, President of the Italian Association of cancer registries-.

One important difference, which is related to the different habits and lifestyles of women. On the other hand, however, in the South the survival is lower and this figure correlates to less adherence to screening: in 2015 only 36% of women performed the mammogram compared to 63% in the North, and they range from 76% of accessions of Emilia Romagna to 22% of Campania “. . And although a 19% Italian makes mammography privately, the need to raise awareness of women remains on the importance of early diagnosis. In addition, it clarifies the 50-69 years, “Mangone, covered by the free screening, the cases are not increasing, a sign that prevention is working, while the increase in cases between men aged 40 and over-70 can be explained with more diagnosis for the extension of mammography “in some regions. On the whole, though a given: it is an ‘ army ‘ of ‘ Lungosopravviventi ‘ ben 766,957 of women, women who are experiencing illness or have won and can be defined healed (the latter are 123mila). This requires a cultural change: plan your life after cancer, starting from the protection of fertility “, concluded Elizabeth Iannelli, Secretary General of the Italian Federation of voluntary associations in Oncology (honeycomb). ..

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