Better detect shaken

Better detect shaken baby syndrome

In France, several hundred children each year are victim of (SBS) shaken baby syndrome

It occurs, reminds the high authority for health (HAS) in its new recommendations “when an adult shakes a baby by exasperation or exhaustion facing tears that he cannot stand”.

Most often, the adult grabs the baby under the armpits and shaking it causes a brain balottement in the box this cranial who can pull off the veins on the surface of the brain.

Brain damage can be serious, sometimes even fatal, especially in infants less than 1 year.

The reporting of children at risk is far from anecdotal in France since it concerns about 100,000 children per year. A survey conducted by the national observatory for childhood in danger (ONED) in 2011 had calculated that 275,000 miners were on December 31, 2011 subject to a child protection measure. Of course, this included all including sexual and psychological abuse.

The diagnosis is Affineil is not always easy for a professional health to determine whether abuse or an accident, but the diagnosis progress made in recent years to distinguish these different situations warranted updating. “Concretely, the diagnosis of shaking is more documented before neurological symptoms such as specific types of sous-duraux hematomas (which form between the brain and the skull, ED) and retinal hemorrhages: imagery. ” “cerebral (emergency then MRI scan) and an examination of the fundus allow a clear diagnosis”, details the HAS. Finally a memo card, remind health professionals the many signs that can make suspect abuse. .


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