The increase in

The increase in the hospital package of 2 euros in 2018 is already challenged

To bring a little oxygen to hospitals put under pressure by savings measures, the Government has chosen to enter the social security financing Bill e, presented Thursday, Sept

28, an increase in the amount of annual hospital unchanged since 2010. An increase which has the advantage of being seemingly painless for most of the French, as supported by their mutual.

From January 1, 2018, the participation of the patient in his hospital stay will increase from 18 to 20 euros a day in hospital or clinic and 13.50 to 15 euros per day in the psychiatric ward of a healthcare facility. Nearly 200 million additional euros which will go directly into the coffers of the hospitals.

This increase “catch up inflation for 2010” – date of the last revaluation – said Tuesday 26 September the Minister of solidarity and health, Agnès Buzyn, on BFM – TV.

. This package is “paid by mutual companies, aren’t the French who pay”, she also argued.

A statement received freshly by mutual insurance companies and patient associations. «» Increase passed on contributions”in fact mutual and complementary health, which cover 95% of the population, take all this hospital package. Only 3 million of French not covered (retirees who have not subscribed to a complementary insurance, people do not claim their rights. ..


.) must fulfil. The beneficiaries of the health coverage universal (CMU), of medical aid in State (soul) and pregnant women during the last four months of pregnancy in for their part are exempt. ” Is an ease of language of the Minister because this increase will be passed on contributions,”warned Thierry Beaudet, president of the French mutuality, the structure which brings together the. .. .. .


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