E-cigarette: vaping in

E-cigarette: vaping in some places ban comes into force

By next Sunday, it will be forbidden to use the electronic cigarette in school or intended for the reception of minors, public transport facilities as well as in “workplaces closed and covered for collective use

This provision in the law to modernize our system of health of January 2016, is implemented by a decree published in April 2017. Quels are precisely workplaces subject to the ban? The Decree specifies that it is “premises receiving workstations, located or not in the buildings of the hotel, closed and covered, and assigned to a collective use, with the exception of the premises hosting the publicĀ» Electronic cigarette shops, bars and restaurants are therefore not affected by this prohibition.

In addition, the decree makes it obligatory display of signs Recalling the principle of the prohibition of vaping and, if so, its conditions of application in the enclosure of the premises concerned.

Finally, it provides a ticket in 2nd class against those who ignore the ban of vaping (a fine of 150 euros at most), as well as a violation of 3rd class for officials of the places where the ban applies which could not set up signage (450 euros at most).

Today, the e-cigarette is used daily by 3% of the French, according to a study of health public France published in may 2017. .


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