Appendicitis surgery emergency

Appendicitis surgery emergency could sometimes be outpatient

With nearly 80,000 interventions each year in France, the operation of appendicitis (appendectomy) is considered as frequent

“She is also very involved emotionally by surgeons digestive, regardless of their age, because it is often the first operation they conducted during their training”, notice the Pr Catherine Arvieux (CHU Grenoble-Alpes), Professor of surgery Digestive and responsible for teaching at the college of General, visceral and digestive surgery. It was she who presented the report of the Congress of the French Association of surgery (AFC) on this topic this year. “There is no more complications with a young surgeon, but the response time is a little longer,” she notes.

For now, surgery is rarely done on an outpatient basis with only 1 139 of 77.472 appendectomies performed in 2015, which is not surprising for a pathology in emergency.

But the Pr Arvieux is optimistic: “I think that could happen between 30-50% of operations on an outpatient basis,” she says to the Figaro.

C’ is also the opinion of Dr.

. Thevy Hor (Paris) who wrote in the report of the Congress (General ambulatory surgery and) digestive, Editions Arnette): appendectomy “occurs in young subjects, socialized, healthy. It is a short-term intervention with low risk. So all the conditions are met for outpatient support”.

“In 1999, we did in France 20 appendectomies for 10,000 inhabitants, against, for example, 15 per 100,000 in Sweden” Pr Catherine Arvieux (CHU Grenoble-Alpes) ‘it’s true that the rate of complication, around 6%, is extremely low for “r emergency surgery”, confirms the Pr Arvieux. “The haunting of the surgeon, adds, it’s the accident coelioscopic or anesthetic, fortunately very rare. ” For complications, it is in general infection at the level of the scar or abscess in depth, as the deaths they are exceptional and are rather patients in a bad state of health for other reasons. ” Appendicitis is rather young subjects: three-quarters of the post-op have less than 33 years. The France was also one of the countries where it was most of appendectomies. “In 1999, we did in France 20 appendectomies for 10,000 inhabitants, details the Pr Arvieux, on the other hand, for example, 15 per 100,000 in Sweden. ” But there is no reason to have more appendicitis in France than in Sweden! No doubt we sinned by excess. Ten years later, the rate was about 14 per 100,000 in France, close to the Sweden, 12 per 100,000. “And now we are back to the level of other European countries. ” “” “The result is that once we could remove up to 20% of appendages on the side, while they were finally normal and even having complications for unnecessary surgery”, explains Dr.

. Denis Collet, president of AFC to the Figaro.

“Today, 97 percent of patients who are operated have had before imaging, either an ultrasound or a scanner, or both, and there are less than 5% of normal appendages”, he added.

“For the appendicitis that appear simple, outpatient surgery would be possible, subject to an appropriate organization and reactive, because let’s not forget that it is an emergency, explained the Pr Arvieux, but for others,” he said.

the hospital will remain the key. .” .


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