PhD student with

PhD student with drag racing in the blood

PhD student with drag racing in the blood 2017-09-13 Nicklas Blomquist grew up with Motorsports and won the Swedish championship in drag racing 2015

Now he is on supercapacitors, with the goal of making motor racing green.

Nicklas BlomquistEnligt Nicklas Blomquist, it is impossible to get tired of motor sports. He has been surrounded by engines and fast vehicles throughout their life, and go at motor racing events as often as he can. Since childhood, he has had a focus on working with vehicle development and he does now. He is a doctoral student in engineering physics at mid Sweden University in Sundsvall and research on supercapacitors and its applications. Supercapacitors are a type of energy storage devices that make it possible to recover some of the energy normally lost when motor vehicle is braked.

Nicklas Blomquist hope to contribute to that motor sport is becoming more environmentally friendly. –to leave behind us a world that is worth living in, we have to go over to green technology in General. This also applies to motor sport, otherwise it will be off limits to keep on with it. It happens because people don’t like that with vehicles in his spare time, and not just running commercial transport, says Nicklas Blomquist. However, he did not believe that motor sport is a major climate villain than other sports. — A drag racing races takes me only eight seconds – it is about to accelerate and run straight forward a short distance.

Climate effect depends rather on how practitioners and spectators to get to and from the races, but people should take to the football games as well. Raised in motor crazy family Nicklas Blomquist turn 30 this year and live in Sundsvall where he grew up, as the only child in a family that lived with speed and engines, both grandfathers were car mechanics with own workshops, and mom and dad have always kept on with motor sports. Dad drove karts as a child and later snöskotercross, and he was long involved in rally sport at the professional level, including by building rally engines. Mom Christina Blomquist competed in drag racing with a snowmobile when Nicklas was a child. He also competed in a couple of years in the same sport, but it became too much for Daddy Micael Blomquist to take care of two racing vehicles. Nicklas ended and Christina continued to compete. She was successful and went over time to compete on the motorcycle. “from the time I was 15 I built and dad all her racing machines and the engines themselves, and that was what sparked my interest in physics. I understood that you have to be good at physics to understand how to build engines that provide fast times on the track.

Got a job through father Physics interest meant that Nicklas Blomquist studied natural science in high school and then he worked for a year at STT Emtec in Sundsvall. The company develops and sells system that reduces exhaust emissions from engines.

“my father is now ceo of STT Emtec, but even then, he worked at the company and it was through him, I had the opportunity to work there. I had to do everything from helping to test the engines, to bank systems and send to the customer.

The experience made him sure he was on the right track and he began to read for an MSC in engineering physics at mid Sweden University of Sundsvall 2007.

Thesis five years later, Nicklas Blomquist on STT Emtec. It was about what he continued to specialize in – how to use supercapacitors for braking energy.

Unlike batteries, supercapacitors store electrical energy quickly, which is important when it comes to braking energy – it slows just a few seconds at a time. -With supercapacitors for the recovery of braking energy can regular cars take 25 per cent less gasoline or diesel. The technology can also be used in electric cars, in combination with the electric car battery. Superkondensatorerna makes since that the batteries do not need to be recharged as often. To be environmentally friendly and billigDet already exist supercapacitors to buy, but those who are commercially available are flammable and contains toxic substances.

Moreover, they are too expensive to be used in vehicles.

Nicklas Vanessa’s goal is to develop a supercapacitor which is environmentally friendly, and so cheap that it can be used on a large scale. He has come a long way.

“we use cheap raw materials and our supercapacitor already has better performance per Crown than those available on the market.

Ours is also completely eco-friendly, because it consists of only coal, paper and salt water.

You can even eat it, even if it might not be so good, “said Nicklas Blomquist and laughs.

Some have been large, tough, and adversity has not been missing.

“when you worked on something for a long time and not get it to work, it feels heavy.

But so does new tag, get it to the end and then it’s fun again! Amal is now a huge support Nicklas cohabitant, parents have always been involved. — mother has pepper and encouraged, while Dad supported more convenient. He has always come up with suggestions on how I can get when I stalled.

Results each day at company Nicklas Blomquist is glad to have experienced both in product development at a commercial company and research at universities.

Between 2013 and 2016, he was an industrial PhD student at STT Emtec, and now he has his place of work and employment at mid Sweden University, Division of natural sciences as industrial PhD I worked very much. Research is difficult, and a company wants to see the results every day. It fit me in and of itself, for I also want quick results, but it is easy to miss the details when you are in a hurry. At STT Emtec’s purpose was for him to quickly find ways to get around problems. – At the University instead tries to learn as much as possible about the problem and find out why it occurs. It takes much longer, but you get instead of deeper knowledge. Want to run drag racing on the electricity several years ago left mom Christina over racing motorcycle to the son who competed in drag racing 2015. Since then, Niklas B not emulated, but he looks at motor sports as much as he can.

Motor sport and academia are two different worlds.

— in academia, people are generally very well-rounded and can very much, but it’s on a theoretical level and most don’t have much practical experience. In the Motorsports world is the opposite. Many people have never read a book, but tested out and looked at how others do. . Where do you learn what’s working by trial and error, but may not always know why it works. I try to walk a middle ground in my research and hope that it will give full marks. If all goes according to plan, Nicklas Blomquist to defend his/her thesis at the end of 2018. Another goal is to build a motorcycle that runs on electricity, for drag racing. “the ambition is to build an electric bike that can run as fast as we built earlier, a bike which has the components that I research forward. It would be the ultimate way to show that the components will work! Text: Eva A. . Photo: Hans Eriksson .


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