Internal blow torch

Internal blow torch for more female professors

Internal blow torch for more female professors 2017-09-20 Only 13 per cent of professors are women at Chalmers University of technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, despite the fact that one in three doctoral candidate is a woman

To attract more women should subject representatives look in to other disciplines, says professor Sven Engström.

At Umeå University is 30 per cent of professors were women, but they often get their professorship later in his career. — they must be promoted in the past, says Vice President Heidi H. Sven Engström, professor of pharmaceutical technology at Chalmers University of technology in Gothenburg, attended a couple of years ago in a recruitment where two women were declared non-competent – despite the fact that they received good advice by experts and been called for interview . . Sven Engstrom reported the process.

At the same time, he sought the Office of Chairman of the Employment Committee at their institution. Sven Eastwood says that he is an internal blow torch in the gender issue. “we live mainly on tax money and it is not of God given what we’re going to do research on. . It’s about who is in control of the agenda. There is every reason to let more women participate and decide that we research and teach in relevant issues. If we exclude a large part of the population, we risk losing some interesting perspective, “he said.

The suspicion a narrow selection by Chalmers got Sven Earnshaw to create an index to describe the background and go through all recruited and promoted candidates in two annual reports. – in some environments, we have a very internal recruitment of men.

One in three doctoral student a female proportion of women who are beginning to read to civil engineers and architects at Chalmers has two years in a row, remained at just over 35 per cent.

Even among the doctoral students is about one in three women. Sven Eaton thinks that the figures show that women like technology. But where do they go? At the beginning of the year alone, of which 192 full professors had Chalmers 29 women, i. .e. . 13 per cent. Women’s representation varies between different programs. On architecture, technical design, and the built environment is the gender balance fairly even.

Similarly on chemistry and biotechnology. What could be the reason? The topics are of course themselves quite different. Sven Earp believe that women are attracted more by software that is adjacent to another scientific field. Architecture and technical design for the humanities programs on community planning, construction, chemistry and biotechnology to medicine and biology.

-Program where the gender balance is uneven must begin to look at the interface. For example, if the data and physics investigates the outskirts of their territory, they may encounter other issues, which may be of interest to women, to a greater degree than today. Workshop for recruiters Hiring Committee may not change the gender structure.

If an advertising attracting applicants solely by a gender, the Committee may refer the matter to the institution, which may account for the efforts taken to achieve a more balanced gender representation. Sven Engström has taken the initiative to a workshop, where recruiters are helped by both library and HR professionals to search databases for potential candidates of both genders. “we need to try to help the men in male-dominated environments to dare lift our gaze. No excuse “there are no women,” says many that explanation when yet another man has been employed. Sven Eb don’t think it’s any excuse.

– If there are no women in the field, perhaps we should not have it. . “he sees it as a fair question.

If women account for half of the tax revenue which finances the University shall also have the corresponding influence on research and teaching. “now we have a hype about self-driving cars. I get the feeling that men involved in programming while women are interested in more for infrastructure, and injury prevention.

What do we get for society with self-driving cars, is it sustainable? Start at the source even Eaton thinks that there are unreasonable demands, for example, if a single woman is competing with nine men. Gender-equitable recruitment must start already at the source and make sure to create a better balance in the applications.

A broad announcement of Graduate Assistantships at Chalmers gave a thousand applicants, of which one-fifth of women. After a long process was appointed five women and five men, all of which was very obvious choice.

–several of the female candidates swept the runway with a broader view of his subject, which accused the entire employment Committee.

After all, does he think that gender issues permeate work at Chalmers.

When the so-called gender mainstreaming would be carried out, however, he was hesitant to only study data and the it area, where there are many men and women at all levels. Weeds out kvinnorHan therefore suggested a corresponding review of chemistry, which has only one-fifth of women in teaching staff, despite decades of gender balance among students and PhD students. Where are the same mechanisms that weeds out women on data and it. . “you might think that an institution like the chemistry does not have any problems with equality just because there are so many women in the base. But where the pattern is most apparent.

A little embarrassing for me which is active in the area, but I’ll have old age make sure that my younger colleagues do not commit the same mistakes that I have made.

I have been part of the clique. The Government has set a target that Chalmers should employ at least 32% female professors until 2019. Sven Eb wondering about what’s going on if his educational establishment cannot cope with it.

. “I would like the Government to be clearer. I think there is a need for sanctions. Requirements have to be Stern. Men are moving tidigareMed 30% female professors is Umeå University is a little better than other universities in the country. Vice President Heidi H, however, is not satisfied. Heidi H – men are often professors at 35 years of age, females at 50.

. It is not enough to get more women in the Academy if they arrive late. They have promoted in the past. She believes that external funders can contribute to change. For example, by examining whether the assessment criteria in the one sex reward others. How do you value such as researchers ‘ credentials? It’s only publications in international journals that count? Or could it be a merit that have ensured a good research environment, where many women take great responsibility? Gender balance in management Umeå University has a balanced representation of women and men in management. Rector, Vice-Rector and Assistant University Director are men. Deputy President, Vice President and Director of the University’s women.

“I think it sends a pretty clear message and hope that the design trickles down to departmental lines. Even the student unions are actively working on the issue.

Umeå NTK have for years chosen both men and women to leading positions. Either a male or female vice Chairman and vice versa. “we have a good dialogue with the student unions, which would not merely an enkönad University management. I think it had significance. Possible to change a lot has changed since Heidi H started to study 1976.

She can not remember that she had a single female professor in undergraduate education.

“when we are dissatisfied that it has not gone faster, we must remember that we have achieved victories. We can download power in it. . It is possible to change, and what we are doing now, the next generation of researchers, teachers and students to take advantage of. . It is beautiful so, says Heidi H.

. Read also in Curie: gender equality goals empty words without incentives Text: Carin Mannberg-Zackar in the Photo: Marie Ullnert, Mattias Pettersson .


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