Vaccines : a

Vaccines : a study is reviving the debate on the adjuvants

A few months of the entry into force in January 2018, the extension of the mandatory eight vaccinations additional, in addition to the three that are currently, the question of the possible risks from adjuvants, aluminum-based bounces

A topic that is not going to quell the debate, which is already very heated.

In its edition of 22 September, The Parisian brings his ” a ” a report of the national security Agency of the drug (MSNA) on the work of the team of professor Romain Gherardi (Inserm and centre hospitalier universitaire Henri-Mondor, Créteil, AP-HP) that it has funded. They show, in mice, a transition from the aluminum to the brain.

In a notice dated march 2017 and has been made available online following the publication of the Parisian, the scientific council of the agency concludes that “the contribution of the study to knowledge on the safety of vaccines seems to be significant, but not yet decisive,” and that they need to be replicated and deepened. The opinion points out the strengths and weaknesses of the work, while emphasizing “quality teams” that conducted the studies, which are ” very well known in their field “.

A tone that has not always been welcoming to the research of Romain Gherardi. Based on discussions with the team and on the evaluation of such work by three independent experts, this advice of the scientific council was made public only after the publication of the Parisian.

A few hours after this publication, a press conference with the team of professor Gherardi was organized by the association E3M. E3M groups of people with myofasciite to macrophages, a complex disease that would, according to the association, induced by the adjuvants aluminum base. It results in joint pain, fatigue, cognitive problems, etc.

, this day, 600 cases have been diagnosed by the center of disease.. .. . .

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