Flexicurity : "An

Flexicurity : “An assessment of health impact will need to be put in place.”


Flexicurity : the idea is a dream, everyone is satisfied. Employers do not hesitate to recruit, since the flexibility will allow them to dismiss without great difficulty the employees who would be surplus, because of the vagaries of micro-or macroeconomic.

The employees know that they are being exposed more readily to the loss of a job, but the security pane reassures, because the unemployment benefits will be higher and the help to return to employment facilitated transforms unemployment into a simple job change. The experience of the scandinavian countries, which have set music to this concept, is often cited as an example. It would be enough to make us think. It is well known and well established as not being in good health is a barrier to finding a job. It is also established that not to be in good health sets out to lose more quickly, its use in time of crisis. What effect to expect from the flexicurity ?Paragons of State-providenceUn Norwegian researcher, Kristian Heggebo, had the idea to compare the impact of the state of health in the maintenance of employment in three countries : Norway, Sweden and Denmark (” Unemployment in Scandinavia During an Economic Crisis : a Cross-National Differences in Health Selection “, Social Science and Medicine, n°130, 2015).

As we know, they share the same system of social protection and are often classified among the paragons of the welfare State. Only one among these countries, Denmark has implemented flexicurity in the 1990s.

From 2004 to 2013, despite the economic crisis of 2008, the unemployment rate remained stable in Norway (at a low level) and in Sweden (a high level).

On the other hand, they increased rapidly after 2008 in Denmark. But, if in Sweden or Norway, the state of health is not due to the fact of being more or less unemployed, it is only in Denmark that poor health is a factor that promotes unemployment.”.

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