Anxiety related to

Anxiety related to health can be treated

All those who are concerned about their health are not hypochondriacs

And when one is already suffering from a disease, whatever it is, it is a legitimate reason for anxiety.

These two premises are set, the originality of the study, carried out by an English team under the leadership of professor Peter Tyrer (Imperial College London) is studying a population of individuals combining the characteristics of both. The results, with a decline of five years have just been published by the National Institute for Health Research. They show that a few sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can make a sustainable earnings, at least for a few years!The researchers have identified, through a questionnaire classic, 5.

769 anxious patients among those who consulted for medical reasons (in cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonology or endocrinology) in one of five hospitals selected for the study.

The dangers of surfing the Internet to analyze the appearance of any unusual signs, The investigators have proposed to half of them follow a few sessions (4 to 10) one-hour CBT aimed at reducing their anxiety.

The others have been the object of any specific intervention, if it is to warn them that they had a level of anxiety is a little high.

As it was expected, for patients who were not initially at the hospital for an anxiety problem, less than 10% have agreed to follow the CC.

The psychotherapeutic approach aimed to make them aware of the negative consequences of their self-monitoring and hyper-vigilance excessive in relation to the slightest fluctuations and equipment, as well as to defuse the reinsurance strategies that they put in place. Particular attention was devoted to the dangers of surfing the Internet to analyze the appearance of any unusual signs.

Result: for those who have followed the CC, a rapid reduction of the anxiety in a few weeks, but especially a benefit that is maintained with a setback of five years. .

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