What are the

What are the mechanisms for the health of the precarious ?

According to the definition of father Joseph Wresinski, founder of the Movement of human rights, ATD Fourth World, in his report to the French economic and social Council, the precarious result of the absence of one or several securities, in particular that of the employment, allowing people to ensure their basic responsibility and to enjoy their fundamental rights

It leads to extreme poverty when it is prolonged and it becomes permanent. Indeed, precariousness and poverty are at the beginning of the Twenty-first century a major societal problem but also a public health problem.

In France, 9 000. 000 of people living below the poverty line (1 008 euro/month for a single person, 2 116 € /month for a couple with two children). The median income of poor people is 805 euros/month. The number of poor people has increased by 1 000. 000 between 2004 and 2014.

3 000. 000 of children live in poverty. 141. 000 people are homeless, an increase of nearly 50 % since 2001 .

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