The tobacco package

The tobacco package at 10 euros will be reached in 2020, after six price increases

Refused by François Hollande the benefit of the neutral package, promised by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign, the pack of cigarettes to 10 euros – it costs 7 on average today – was claimed with force by the associations fighting against tobacco

It is, however, very mixed as these have welcomed the announcement of the timetable for its implementation by the end of 2020 by the minister of health, Agnes Buzyn, Wednesday, 20 September.

After an initial increase to an average of 35 euro cents by the end of the year, aiming to ” harmonize the price of a package of tobacco, including [price] weakness “, five increases are then provided for : 1 euro in march 2018, 50 cents in April and then in November 2019, 50 cents in April 2020, and finally 40 cents in November 2020, in order to achieve this date the psychological threshold of 10 euros. These increases spread over time will allow ” people to prepare, to find ways to stop smoking. This is a calendar that allows everyone to put themselves in the perspective of the judgment “, claimed Mrs.

Buzyn on Europe 1, a few days before the official presentation of the draft law of financing social Security in 2018. Rise to a ” significant and sudden “The argument, however, has not totally convinced of the associations.

“The only increase that will have an impact on consumption, it is that of 14.

1% in march 2018, regrets Clémence Cagnat-Lardeau, the director of the Alliance against tobacco.

All the others, ranging between 4.

2 % and 6. 2 %, will not result in the declines in consumption, because only increases above 10 % are actually effective. “Increases in moderate and regular, not discourage, in fact, not the smokers.

“It is necessary to increase the price, but it is necessary to make a significant and brutal,” says Yves Martinet, specialist services. . .


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