Surgeons describe smartphone-assisted neuroendoscopy as a success

By Sally Robertson, BScMarch 13, 2018 Neurosurgeons have described an integrated smartphone−endoscope device that could provide an alternative, more intuitive and more fluid way of performing neuroendoscopy, compared with the conventional method. Credit: SpeedKingz/ In an article published in the Journal of Neurosurgery, Mauricio Mandel (Division of Neurosurgery at University of São Paulo Medical School) […]

Precision oncology may improve overall survival, lower healthcare costs for advanced cancer patients

March 13, 2018 The use of advanced molecular diagnostic technologies, such as Next-Generation Sequencing-based gene panel testing, to select targeted therapies in advanced cancer patients is known as precision oncology. In order to evaluate the impact of precision cancer medicine beyond the PFS window and to determine the degree to which any survival or cost […]

New imaging technology could significantly improve the accuracy of cancer diagnosis

By Sally Robertson, BScMarch 13, 2018 Scientists have developed cutting-edge imaging technology that can grade cancer tumors, thereby eliminating human subjectivity and variability in the grading of cancer severity. Credit: David Litman/ The team, which was led by the Department of Physics and the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London recently described […]

International research consortium identifies 22 new genetic risk factors for stroke

March 13, 2018 An international research consortium studying 520,000 individuals from around the world has identified 22 new genetic risk factors for stroke, thus tripling the number of gene regions known to affect stroke risk. The results demonstrate shared genetic influences with multiple related vascular conditions, especially blood pressure, but also coronary artery disease, venous […]

Why is my eyebrow twitching?

Everyday causes Disorders that cause eyebrow twitching Treatment Outlook Eyebrow twitching can be caused by everyday things that might include caffeine, stress, and eyestrain. It may also be a sign of an underlying disorder, such as Bell’s palsy or Tourette syndrome. Twitching of the eyebrow is when the skin around the eyebrow moves or spasms […]