Yes Minister's proposal

Yes Minister’s proposal oncologists Lara to increase the price of cigarettes

Scientific society Aiom acclaim, Italian Association of medical oncology, Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin’s proposal on increasing the price of cigarettes in order to find new resources for innovative anti-cancer drugs “The increase in the cost of the ‘ blondes ‘ represents a battle of civilizations against the main risk factor. Need resources to fund innovative […]

Attention deficit hyperactivity

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related sleep disorders

(ANSAmed)-Rome, 2 OCTOBER-For the majority of patients (up to 3 out of 4) ADHD-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and diattenzione syndrome that affects children and adults-could be chronic sleep disorders and attention deficit laconseguenza, dist URBI deiritmi day/night of the organism, or other issues of health that lead to sleep badly (e.g chronic problemirespiratori). This was […]

The World Breastfeeding

The World Breastfeeding Week

(ANSAmed)-Rome, 2 OCTOBER-from a natural gesture like breastfeeding depends on the future health of the popolazionemondiale But this practice is often abandoned in frettadalle new mothers who get discouraged in front of the primedifficoltà. The National Federation of colleges delleOstetriche first to 7 October launches campaign slogan for the insulin-sensitizing 2017 chose “supporting breastfeeding together. […]