Tattoos: why they

Tattoos: why they can be dangerous

15 % of French people are tattooed, including 25 % in at least 30 years, but doctors die-tattoo artists are increasingly being asked to because of side effects, even if the laser treatment is long, painful, expensive and sometimes ineffective The colors should be stable, indelible,.. .. . and non-toxic. Sutherland Macdonald, considered the grand […]

Parkinson's disease, its

Parkinson’s disease, its development follows the path ‘motorways neurons’, i.e. the cerebral connectivity

Parkinson’s disease develops in the brain following the “highways of neurons”, that is, the connectivity of the brain And’ what emerges from a study conducted by a group of researchers, including those from the canadian McGill University, who tested the theory according to which the degeneration of the brain due to Parkinson’s disease originates in […]