What are sugar alcohols?

Table of Contents Types and sources Possible health benefits Possible health risks and considerations Nutritional information How do they differ from regular sugar? Takeaway Types Benefits Risks Nutrition How do they differ? Takeaway Sugar alcohols are used as a substitute for sugar in certain foods, particularly those that are labeled “sugar-free” or “no added sugar.” […]

How weight loss makes us hungrier

Table of Contents ‘Gold standard in obesity treatment’ Hunger ‘seems to override’ satiety A Norwegian study of individuals with severe obesity has found that although hormones that control both fullness and hunger increase after weight loss, it seems that hunger wins. Why do we feel more hungry after weight loss? The implication, the researchers conclude, […]

What is a bifid uvula?

Table of Contents What are the causes? Complications Speech problems Swallowing difficulties Treatment options Speech Other problems Takeaway What are the causes? Complications Treatment options Takeaway A bifid uvula is an abnormal split or division in the uvula, or tissue that hangs down at the end of the soft palate in the roof of the […]

What to know about lactic acidosis

Table of Contents What are the symptoms? What are the causes? Kidney conditions Diabetes mellitus HIV treatments Exercise Alcoholism Treatment options Complications Types of lactic acidosis Type A Type B Diagnosis Prevention Symptoms Causes Treatments Complications Types Diagnosis Prevention Lactic acidosis occurs when the body produces too much lactic acid and cannot metabolize it quickly […]