Freedom shrinks in

Freedom shrinks in the Academy

Freedom shrinks in College 2017-09-26 academic freedom diminishes in several European countries It shows annual measurements in international research cooperation V them. Sweden is well located in their measurements. But when it comes to institutional freedom we end up among the worse in Europe. Researchers ‘ freedom to choose research problems, to publish and comment […]

Pesticides: governmental cacophony

Pesticides: governmental cacophony on the ban on glyphosate

Pesticides are a recurring pattern of governmental cacophony After contradictory statements, end of June, the Minister of solidarity and ecological transition, Nicolas Hulot, on the one hand, the Minister of agriculture and food, Stéphane Travert, on the other hand, ban scheduled for neonicotinoid insecticides, it is glyphosate which is material to scramble. Monday, 25 September, […]