Touchless surgery in

Touchless surgery in Naples, radiological ‘ without touching ‘ during operation

It’s called “touchless”, without touch, the new surgical system opened today in the ospedale degli Incurabili of Asl Napoli 1 Centro, Naples     The new system allows you to view and especially to manipulate “touchless”, only with gestures and voice, radiological examinations of the patient who is concurrently operated. The images displayed are selected, highlighted […]

Cancers: immunotherapy new

Cancers: immunotherapy new frontier care Neoplasms

(ANSA)-Rome, SEPTEMBER 30-“cancer immunotherapy, the Principality drug use also very different from each other in order to strengthen the immune system cancer Oncology, MV c is finally giving important results taticlinici that in some cancer isotypes (melanoma, lung, kidney) have already proven to generate clinicisuperiori results to those previously obtained with standard chemotherapy ”    So […]