Why do some breast cancers become treatment-resistant?

The mutations that hinder treatment Combined therapy for resistant cancers Most breast cancers are estrogen receptor-positive, meaning that signals received from estrogen, a hormone, promote the growth of the tumors. To stop these cancers from spreading, estrogen inhibitors are usually prescribed. But what happens when tumors develop treatment resistance? In around a third of ER-positive […]

Alzheimer’s-related brain changes could start at 40

Pericytes and white matter health Uncovering ‘the beginnings of dementia’ A new approach to preventing dementia? Scientists may have advanced our understanding of the brain mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s disease, after uncovering a process that precedes the buildup of toxic proteins that is a hallmark of the condition. Researchers reveal how the destruction of pericytes — […]

How bilingualism may protect against Alzheimer’s

Bilingualism may offset brain damage New research published in the journal Neuropsychologia reveals that bilingualism makes changes in brain structure that are linked with resilience against Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment. Knowing more than one language may protect you against Alzheimer’s, according to new research. More and more research has been pointing to bilingualism […]