Oil palm: Efsa

Oil palm: Efsa raises tolerable dose to a contaminant

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, 16 JAN – The european Authority for food security (Efsa) has revised upwards the dosegiornaliera tolerable than one of the contaminants that sisviluppano during the refining process of the olivegetali, in particular palm oil It is dellasostanza chemistry 3-monocloropropandiolo (3-MCPD) and suoiderivati, which may have harmful effects on the kidneys and fertilit├ámaschile. […]

Cancers, genetic testing,

Cancers, genetic testing, and acupuncture to better the quality of life of patients

New genetic tests to increase the effectiveness of treatment of female cancers more difficult, and l’ acupuncture as an adjuvant therapy to improve the lives of women affected by the disease The research activities of the Women’s Cancer Center, European Institute of Oncology (Ieo) expands, and the Fondazione Ieo-Ccm launches a campaign of collection of […]

Memory: techniques for

Memory: techniques for better hold

But where is Ornicar? Everyone knows this concatenation, concatenations of linguistic units, which allows you to remember the coordinating conjunctions (but, or and so gold nor since) But this star memory tricks annoys a little Sebastian Martinez, the champion of France 2015 from memory: “other methods, far more sophisticated and more effective, are waiting since […]