Breathing to combat

Breathing to combat stress

The French are among the biggest consumers of anti-anxiety agents, these medicines are prescribed to combat anxiety And in spite of a decline that began since 2012, the Hexagon is always in second position behind Spain, with 117 million boxes sold in 2015. However, other alternatives exist to the taking of a stamp as soon […]

Relaxation therapy: what

Relaxation therapy: what are the differences with the relaxation ?

Sophrology, relaxation. .. all The same? Not really, even though the two methods are close cousins. One, the relaxation, exists since the Nineteenth century. The other is more recent: the sophrology was created in the 1960s. The relaxation has therefore been used, among other techniques, by the creator of sophrology, neuropsychiatrist Spanish colombian-born Alfonso named […]

The brain like

The brain like meditation

Meditate to age better This is in essence what brings a pilot study conducted by researchers from the Inserm are based in Caen and Lyon, and published in Scientific Reports . Presented this Thursday, this work shows the structural and functional differences in the brain of the great followers of the meditation which have practiced […]